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"My passion is healing others." Kathryn Lowther

    Chronic Itchy Skin

My boyfriend's back has itched for over 30 years. Every night for as long as he can remember he's gone to bed and within 15 minutes to a half an hour his back would get itchy. He would itch it until it bled, and the irritated area would spread all over. Creams wouldn't help, medications didn't work, changing laundry detergents didnt do anything either. He did allergy tests, changed his diet over the years, showered before bed,... anything and everything that was suggested by professionals and of course Google... to no avail. He hasn't had white bed sheets for a long time and shyed away from white shirts too due to his extreme itching episodes. I suggested going to see a Biomagnetic Healer. He was sceptical, but thought he'd try it. After one treatment, his back has been itch free!!!!!!!!!!! He and I would highly recommend Kathryn...thanks again!- Heather Fillery - Cowichan Valley, BC

Allergies, Tinnitus & Joint Pain

“I am 65 years old and have had severe allergies all my life. I also had ringing in my ears, and shoulder pain. Fortunately, I met and was treated by Kathryn. I now have no more pain and my allergies have cleared up. For this, and treating my family, Kathryn is an excellent therapist.” A. Lares - Vallarta, Mexico

 Flu type Virus by Distance

Had to give Kathy a huge thank you for what felt like bringing me back from death's door. I caught the norovirus and can honestly say I've never been sicker in my life. Worst part was that it settled deep in my back so on top of feeling so incredibly bad, sleeping was pretty much impossible.

Well, Kathy got her long distance mojo, (she's in Victoria and I'm in Vancouver), going with her magnets and the following day I was so much better it was amazing. I don't know how long I would have been incapacitated without her help. THANKS SO MUCH KATHY, YOU'RE THE BEST! ​- Steve Pollard-Vancouver,BC

  Fever and Night Sweats

One of the many times Kathryn has helped me when I was sick....I woke up in the middle of the night in a sweat, with such a high fever that I was shaking uncontrollably. My mother gave me an aspirin , but the fever didn't go down. She checked me with the magnets, and the fever went day I was tired, but had no fever, and the following day I was better. - M.L.-Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

    Flu, Fatigue, &  Diabetes by Distance

"My daughter was feeling flu like with intense symptoms all over her body. She felt tired and unwell all the time My friend recommended Kathryn and her biomagnetism treatments. Her intuitive work confirmed these concerns and her hands on skills eliminated the symptoms. My daughter simply rested while receiving the treatment. She woke up the next morning feeling surprised at how well she felt. Her diabetic blood glucose had also improved Whenever my daughter has something going on I can't quite figure out I call Kathryn for a treatment. "- Laurie White- Victoria, BC

Sinus Issues & Headaches

Kathryn is  a very knowledgable woman. She informed me that my headaches were from blocked sinuses. I usually experience a headache once a month or more.

After my magnetic therapy, I went four months without a headache.

- T.H.- Victoria, BC

Allergies, Pulmonary Fibrosis & Pain

I was referred to Kathryn by a Doctor, and being in the health profession over the last 15 years, I was open to new modalities. I am amazed at the therapeutic possibilities of Biomagnetic Therapy, especially in the hands of someone as extraordinary as Kathryn.

I wouldn’t want people to think that Kathryn does miracles, except that she does. From personal experience, my mother of 86 has been through some exceptional challenges with her health, some life-threatening ~ allergies, pulmonary fibrosis, organ disfunction, emotional stress, and physical pain.


Kathryn has been treating my mother and it's truly amazing the transformation in her health. She saved my mother's life basically! With much appreciation.- JP and Family - Victoria, BC.


Eczema, Psoriasis & Hepatitis for Dogs

“I suffered with eczema and psoriasis on my knees and feet for 4 years. I had tried every remedy and therapy possible, and still no relief, until I had treatments with Kathryn. She also helped my dogs recover from hepatitis and another bacteria. I can’t say enough how she helped my dogs back to health and seeing my feet healed!

"I was very happy! Thank you, Kathryn! All my love and gratitude." S. Kert - L.A., Calif.

   Chronic Fatigue

"I got my energy yesterday & today I was full throttle ahead! Truly amazing after almost 20 years of chronic fatigue. Chronic fatigue does not mean you are lazy! Thank you So much Kathryn".

-Dawn McKay- Victoria, BC

         Cysts by DIstance

"When my husband talked about Biomagnetism for our son, I was not sure about what it was or how it could work, after all Kathryn is on the West coast and we are in Raleigh, NC in the East coast and the sessions were done remotely!
But once I understood the process and let Kathryn do her healing, the results were nothing short of exceptional.

Our son, who has had inflamed cysts on his neck for most of his life, now does not have any traces of swelling in his neck, all is back to normal, after only 4 sessions with Kathryn. 
Prior to Biomagnetism, we had tried his pediatrician, naturopaths and chiropractors to no avail. 
We can't thank Kathryn enough. Now both my husband and I are treating our respective health conditions". – Donna S.- NC, USA.

Systemic Candida and Mildew Allergy

"I was diagnosed with Systemic Candida 20 years ago. In two sessions, the Candida was gone as well as some other bacteria. A sensitivity and allergy to mildew that had arisen in the last years is also gone - something that Kathryn found in the first session. Thank you, Kathryn." - M.E.- Victoria, BC​​

Whiplash Injury, Lung & Stomach Issues

“When I first visited Kathryn, I was not sure what to expect, but I soon realized that the Biomagnetism was extremely helpful with several issues such as stomach, fatigue and an old verterbrae injury from whiplash-the improvement was immediate. My husband had lung issues due to old bacteria from a long ago stay at the hospital which also improved very quickly”.- Cathy Kitzler.- Shawnigan,BC

       Lyme & Co-Infections

I had had sinusitis problems for many years, and more recently, acid reflux, indigestion and fatigue..
I knew something wasn't right, I was so tired and had abdominal pain after I ate...I had lab tests, but nothing came up...
I decided to try therapy with magnets, Biomagnetism with Kathryn.
My sinuses cleared up and so did my acid reflux!
Another time, I think I had a bladder infection,  and after a session or two that cleared up too, and she said it was probably from one of my dogs, so treated her too...I havent gotten it since...
Thank you Kathryn for all your good work!
- Carolynn K.- Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Having suffered for several years with severe physical and mental symptoms and a resulting weakened immune system that amalgamated to an eventual diagnosis of Lyme Disease as confirmed by laboratory testing,  I was no longer optimistic that I was going to have any quality of life, perhaps not even survive.

Immediately upon meeting Kathy Lowther, I knew that I was in the presence of a gentle and beautiful soul. Humble and kind, Kathy was hesitant to make any promises about the outcome of her treatment which drew from her training in the use of Universal Healing Energy and in Medical Biomagnetism.

During my first session with Kathy, I felt blissful, peaceful energy sweeping across my body as she worked, as though love were passing through Kathy into me. 

By the third treatment, I was symptom-free and starting to realize that Kathy was responsible for creating a magical and new relationship between me and my body/mind/soul, with my health. 

Upon returning home, I was cautious to believe in the reality that I seemed to be feeling better and better as the days progressed. Today I am free of any symptoms of Lyme Disease or any other! I am BEYOND blessed to have experienced the healing power of Kathy and her magnets, without which I am certain that I would not be living the full, happy, and vital life that I am living today.

Healing with Kathy is a gift that I will treasure forever as it is thanks to her healing powers that ‘forever is in sight!- -Trish C.- Toronto, Ont.


"As a Bowen practitioner I was truly impressed by the accuracy and effectiveness of Kathryn Lowther's skill. I had utilized her skill on previous occasions, on myself, and been impressed by how quickly my ailments turned around and symptoms vanished (within 24 hrs). But there is always the possibility that I healed that quickly on my own, or through our combined intentions.

The staggering proof of her skill came when my Mother was rushed to emergency. I emailed Kathryn right away to get her assessment and for a healing. I was stressed at the time and told her that it was a bacterial infection of the blood and accidentally gave her the wrong name of the bacteria. She got back to me after the treatment, and not wanting to make the labs that do the blood work wrong, told me it was in fact a different kind of bacteria. Kathryn named the correct bacteria (I had given her the wrong name). May I also add that she did this from over 2,500 miles away! Kathryn Lowther is stunningly accurate and effective. "

"Kathy also recognized a condition in her ankles that the doctors and my mother with both concerned about at the time. She recognized it for what it was and used magnets to heal the condition, and my Mom has not had any discomfort since. In general my mom's energy levels improved immediately and she healed very quickly, with great spirits" -Kim Elkington -  Vitality Magazine (Sacred Journeys)-Ontario, Canada


For several years, I suffered from food sensitivities which resulted in an itchy, uncomfortable rash. I consulted an allergist, a Chinese herbal doctor and a acupuncturist. The allergist concluded I had no allergies but my sensitivity to certain foods, preservatives, and wine continued. The Chinese herbal tea remedies were tried for 2 months with some short-term relief. Thus, acupuncture was attempted for another 2 months, with similar non-relief.

Then, on a visit to Mexico, I met Kathryn and received Biomagnetism treatments, Immediately after the 3rd treatment I ate an orange and corn tortillas which I love and hadnt been able to enjoy for many years, and no rash or itch! Then, corn, berries, bacon, spices and other foods were on my menu again! I am indebted to Kathryn for helping me lead a life free of the discomfort of itchy rashes and a limited diet!- Betty G.- Chemainus, BC


Hello! I want to share with you the experience I had to prove that this alternative therapist is well worth it. In my case I acquired a bacterium that caused me severe pain in the stomach, headache and general discomfort. Conventional medicine only mitigated the discomfort but was not attacking the problem. I had the opportunity to meet Kathy Lowther and she introduced me to these therapies and in only two sessions the bacteria left , and I felt good. Thanks Kathy for letting me know Medical Biomagnetism.-Alba Ruiz, - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

I first went to Kathy because the arthritis in my back was pushing me forward towards a walker.  Luckily for me the arthritis was the viral kind and I am now more or less upright and able to walk reasonably well.  There were other finds such as nail fungus,. persistant  UTI, sinus problems and various  bacteria from foods - in fact about 11 conditions in all over four visits. 


Along with these Kathy worked on an emotional issue dating from childhood, and it has resulted in the great fun of being able to write a book which had been hanging around for a while.  It is good  to be in full creative flow again - so my thanx for the amazing system you offered me.

- Maryrose Mikhalles -Victoria,BC

Just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for the biomagnetic sessions. My skin has been clearer than ever since you were able to find that acne bacteria, and my digestion has really improved, likely on account of the candida being balanced. I am still quite itchy, but I think it is perhaps more of an emotional thing, stuck emotional thought patterns.

The most surprising and elating difference I’ve noticed since the sessions, is just an overall feeling of wellbeing.

I feel as though my light inside is getting brighter again and my energy is flowing more smoothly. If I ever need a “tune up” in the future I will definitely be in touch! Thanks again, Kathryn. I hope you are keeping well  :) - Disa A. - Victoria BC

Kathy...just wanted you to know, you have helped me, my son, and all my horses so much! Your healing work is simply outstanding. Thank you for all your efforts and your support. - Tish.-Kamloops,BC

Sinus & Bladder Issues, Acid Reflux 
Bacterial Infections by Distance
Bacterial Issues & Discomfort
Arthritis, Bacterial Infections, & UTI
Food Sensitivities & Itchy Rash

I was suffering from intense itching of my upper arms, a condition known as brachioradial pruritis. No creams or lotions were helping,my skin was breaking down, and I was being wakened at night and driven crazy. Two biomagnetism treatments from Kathryn solved this annoying problem, and I am very happy to say I am now ITCH FREE!! Thank you Kathryn!

- Elaine P. -Cowichan Valley

I was the volunteer demo person at one of Kathryn's presentations (October 25th, 2014 in Victoria, BC). Since a hip replacement in December 2010, I have had a leg discrepancy of 3 cm which had limited the duration of mobility and had made buying shoes a trial. Since Kathryn's biomagnetic treatment at the presentation, I have not worn the 3 cm insert that I have not been without for nearly 4 years. I am truly grateful as I had been resigned to wearing inserts until I passed on or until I had the other hip replaced. Thank you so much. - Linda Fraser

Acne & Digestion Issues
  Healing for Horses by Distant
   Leg Length Discrepancy
         Intense Skin Itching
  Energy Healing & Chakra Balancing

I just want to tell you just how much better I feel after my energy healing and chakra balancing session with you!!

I feel like my old self again, and my heart feels able to forgive. The most amazing thing is, that night I dreamed that I was cuddling a baby whale with my husband Steve by my side. It was the most amazing feeling of love. I woke up feeling gratitude and a deep love for everyone around me…I wanted to share it and hug everyone!!  Lol! The whale was pretty amazing, especially since you saw them with me in our session.

Archangel Michael  is working with me to reach my divine life purpose, and you felt him in the room with us! So thank you sooooo much!! You are amazing!! <3 Blessings to you :)  I will highly recommend you to anyone seeking a reading or a energy healing session  - Melissa Trainer-Victoria BC

            Back Pain & Colitis

I am happy to tell you that the pain from my sacral nerve has completely disappeared.  I still have colitis but none of my flare-ups have been as bad. Many thanks. - Margaret - Victoria, BC (only one treatment)

Virus de papiloma y fertilidad


Un cliente muy feliz...:)

Hola mi nombre es Vanesa Flores y quiero recomendar ampliamente la práctica del biomagnetismo, es increíble realmente ayuda a mejorar la salud... yo me hice 2 prácticas y fue suficiente para eliminar mi problema ... tenía una infeccion y el doctor me habia dicho que era papiloma... además me pude embarazar super rápido... Al principio yo no creía mucho... pero conforme me iban haciendo este tratamiento y mi terapeúta sin que yo le dijera nada ella encontró cuales eran mis problemas de salud y me ayudo....
Saludos -Vanesa Flores

Fertility Issues & Papiloma Virus

Translation: Hola, my name is Vanessa Flores and I want to widely recommend the practice of Biomagnetism, it's incredible. It really helps to improve health...I had 2 sessions to eliminate my problem. I had an infection (and the doctor had told me it was papiloma)...

I got  get pregnant very the beginning, I didnt believe it much, but even when I didnt tell the therapist what I had, she found my health problems and helped me..Greetings, Vanesa Flores

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