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Kathryn Lowther

  • Certified Therapist in Medical Biomagnetism Level 1 & 2- by Dr. Goíz Durán and the University of Chapingo, Mexico
  • Certified in Level 1 & 2 Radionics 


  • Certified Therapist in Universal Energy Healing Level 13+ from HUE Institute
  • Bilingual~ English and Spanish


​​Kathryn first started her healing career by taking a course in Holistic Bodywork in 1995, in Vancouver, BC, and practiced massage for several years.

While living in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Kathryn became associated with the Centro Metodo Holistico, (Holistic Method Centre), with Dr. Martina Goldberg, where she completed several courses in Universal Healing from the HUE Faculty of Dr. Master Luong Minh Dang, up to Level 13+.

In  January 2016 she completed Basic Radionics (Dousing) and Level 2 in December 2016  with Martina Goldberg. Through these meditative courses her healing, awareness, and intuitive skills increased. 

In November 2016, at the Centro, she attended the Activation of the 7th Big Antenna in Mexico in Puerto Vallarta, designed to help balance the Earth's energy field and raise the consciousness of humanity through meditation.

In April 2014, Kathryn completed the course in Circle of Healing of Pacific Essences Energy Practitioner Training by Sabina Pettitt in Victoria, BC.

When Kathryn became ill with salmonella, she was treated successfully by a therapist in Biomagnetism for this and rheumatoid arthritis in her hands. She no longer had swelling or pain in her fingers.This was so astonishing,"if this therapy could do this for me", she thought, "imagine what it could do for others!"


Thus, Kathryn studied and received her Certificate in 2006/2007, with Dr. Goíz Durán, founder of the Centro de Investigacíon de Biomagnetísmo Médico , (The Medical Biomagnetism Research Centre) in Mexico City.

She  completed Level 2 in October 2012, which includes

Bioenergetics (Distant or Remote) Healing.


She has 14 years experience in treating a myriad of illnesses from arthritis to zoster virus. 

In September 2015, Kathryn completed the Certified Dowsing Professionally course by Maria Wheatley, from the Avebury School of Esoteric Studies, working with ley lines and earth energies.


She has dedicated her life to her passion for healing others, with integrating these effective, natural modalities.


Kathryn works with a strong intention to heal, dedication, knowledge and compassion. 

Kathryn offers free telephone consultations, contact her to learn more!

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