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One afternoon I developed a pain that spread down the right side of my head, through my jaw, around the back of my head and down my neck. It felt like the pain originated in the glands in the right side of my neck, rather than being a muscular strain. 
I wanted to try Biomagnetism therapy for this problem. I contacted Kathryn and she agreed to give me a treatment later in the day. 
Kathryn scanned my body and within a few minutes had discovered I had a Staphylococcus infection in my right jaw. She placed the magnets on both sides of my jawbone and left them on for 40 mins. By the end of the session the pain was completely gone! The following morning and in the days following, I had no pain at all. I was absolutely amazed by the quick and obviously effective results!
I highly recommend Kathryn and Biomagnetism treatments. She is a warm, caring and compassionate therapist.

  -J. Byington-Victoria BC

Jaw/ Neck pain & Bacterial Infection

Distant session for a cat

My cat Lucifer, just 2 years old and ordinarily full of playful energy, was starting to look thin after I recently moved into a new house. Then the personality of the cat I knew started rapidly changing before my eyes. Lucy’s demeanour became flat, he suddenly appeared weak and withdrawn, he was skinnier than ever and his fur had become matted. Eventually he completely stopped urinating in his litter box. Kathy agreed to do a Biomagnetism session with Lucifer on an emergency basis, and found: Fear of change pertaining to the move that resulted in adrenal fatigue, a bacteria in Lucy’s stomach, and heavy metal toxicity in both his liver and kidneys. Having decided to take Lucifer to the veterinarian for a second opinion, the vet’s findings were congruent with Kathy’s: Lucifer’s kidneys were not functioning well as he had kidney stones (which I suspected were due to a collection of heavy metal toxins from the dust and debris stemming from the renovations). After arriving home post- surgery to remove the kidney stones, Lucifer was thin and lethargic, ate little and put on heavy medication for pain management. Although initially recovering as expected, Lucy suddenly hit a bump in his healing and wouldn’t move or urinate. I panicked, for the vet said that if this happened, Lucy had to be brought back to the animal hospital immediately. I called Kathy in a panic and she did second emergency session with Lucifer. 24 hours later, Lucy made a complete turn around. He was content and alert, peed normally and a lot, and ate more than he had since the surgery. Today, Lucy is back to his old self..happy, playful and affectionate, and without Kathy’s healings, I don’t think he would have regained his health to this extent. I am infinitely grateful to Kathy for her special healing gifts and I am sure that on some level, Lucifer is too- 

Trish Comber- Ont., Canada

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